Stiff Digits         Clay Hunt       Supertouch       Sexmouth     Masculine Dan
        (Guitar)                (Bass)               (Drums)             (Vocals)              (Guitar)

Boyjazz launches rock and roll into the future with huge riffs and howling vocals propelled by unstoppable beats.

Though it has always been here, it was not until the summer of 2002 that Boyjazz was fully realized by Sexmouth (Adam Hobbs) and Supertouch (Aaron Levin) in the 2 minute and 28 second blitzkreig Potfinger. The seal had been broken and the duo quickly returned to the studio with a new sense of purpose.

Over the course of the next year Boyjazz worked feverishly on their debut album "In The City Tonight" while also rehearsing a band to perform the material live featuring Eric "Stiff Digits" Murray on Lead Guitar, "Masculine" Dan Brubaker on Rhythm Guitar, and Alex "Clay Hunt" Pauley on Bass.

Today Boyjazz maintains a heavy gigging schedule in support of "In The City Tonight" released in 2004 on Frenetic Records to rave reviews. Currently, Boyjazz is holed up at Louder studios in San Francisco completing new material for their second record which will feature the full live band as well as the production talents of Tim Green (The Fucking Champs).

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"... Seriously, ya wanna rock? We've 
got a band for you here! ...  The 
deal here is fuzzed out, distorted 
ROCK. Metal, punk, stoner, cock-rock. 
Simple, catchy riffage with a 
definite glam i vibe (both '70s and 
'80s varieties of glam). The likes 
of Grand Funk, T-Rex, Sabbath, Kiss, 
Crue, are all no doubt influences, 
and we'd say that this oughta appeal 
to fans of The Darkness, Drunkhorse, 
and Andrew W.K. ... With very few of 
the dozen songs on this disc even 
reaching the three minute mark, you 
know they're all about dealing out 
the short, sweet, swift ass-kicking 
your rock needs require. F'n 
recommended, for when you're in the 
mood to hear a singer yelling 'yeah!' 
and 'all right!'"
-- Aquarius Records 

"Cock rock for the indie kids."

"With anthemic songs such as 
'Potfinger' and 'Stank on the Halo', 
Boyjazz play something like modern 
indie hard rock, minus the lame bits 
and plus a sense of humor"
-- San Francisco Bay Guardian 

"Boyjazz rocks like a motherfucker!"
-- Filter Magazine 

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